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Jun E Caniel Summer Collection

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Established in 2010, Jun E Caniel is a lifestyle brand offering apparel for children and adults. Each garment is fashioned from the highest quality fabrics and features original artwork from our resident artists.



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By sharing our wearable art, our ideas & space, we at Jun E Caniel challenge all to unleash the lion within by realizing their own greatness and power, becoming social activists & freely expressing their thoughts & talents. Jun E Caniel encourages intellectual & artistic freedom as well as social responsibility. We always offer the highest quality of services and products to all who seek Jun E love and inspiration. #Wearjunecaniel

Jun E Musing Advice….

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So much separation in life.
They even draw the curtains when I fly.
But the biggest difference is our minds…
Thoughts …

Jay Caniel


Lead to the outcome of our lives.
To my son and daughters…
To all the dreamers alive..
Here’s a little advice.
When you speak look them straight in the eyes.
Figure out your place in life.
Then live it bold like a lion.
Set your intentions for the next day at night.
Be clean…
Be pure…
Own your time…
Own your mind..
Never compromise your soul…
And remember success is happiness
Don’t ever believe the story you’re sold.
Write your own…


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A smile…
So infectious..
It designs the same in your mind.
smileSo kind…
In a world so cruel.
It brings hope to a better mankind.
It’s easy on the eyes.
Creates happiness inside.
Help us spread this feeling for a lifetime.

Jun E Caniel L/S Shona

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New to Jun E Caniel’s Fall/Winter line is the long sleeve “J E C Shona” top. This newest edition features Tiya Caniel aka Legend’s original artwork, paying homage to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.  The spears portrayed in the graphic are actually Shona ceremonial spears crossed, one crossed over the other to form an “x” and add to the already fierce look of our beloved logo lion.

“It is important to always give honor to our roots and the people who came before us.  This is why each design offers some sort of tribute, whether it’s a tribute to our hometown, our ancestors, or places we’ve come from (or been).”  ~Tiya Caniel

Jun E Caniel Jun E Caniel Jun E Caniel jcaniel15

Jun E Caniel’s Women’s L/S Shona comes in eco jersey with a fuller, more contemporary fit and redesigned neckline. Thumb slots and a v-neck set this garment apart from the rest.



The Journey…

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The journey…
Packing light ’cause we take flight…
Wearing Symbols of freedom in our Jun E designs…
Hope of the future in our smile…
Jun E hat box ’cause a girl’s got style…  #wearjunecaniel

Jun E Caniel

Jun E Revolution…

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A revolution…

One that sparks thought…

Inspiring others to walk…

Towards the dreams nearest their hearts…

That’s our art..

~Jun E Caniel


Jun E Caniel

A Jun E Life

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Falling in love with life….

My Dreams grew wings one night…

A smile…

A map…

Jun E Freedom bracelet…

I’m High


Jay Caniel

Lion Collection

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Jun E Caniel’s Lion Collection

Soft, Simple Sustainable Basics


#junecaniel #wearjunecaniel


Smiles and Eco Style

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Summer style worth smiling about…
~Jun E Caniel
#junecaniel #wearjunecaniel

Jun E Caniel

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