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The Light…

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Light shines

Bright like my mind…

Evoking a big gigantic smile…

Tiya Caniel

Tiya Caniel

Stimulates my mind like the music of Miles…

Success floods these eyes…

Freedom like a Midwest wind blew by…

Thanks to the most high…

~Jun E Caniel




Spreading Jun E Love…

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We are delivering thanksgiving dinner and pampers to families in need. There is no greater feeling than the ability to give to others.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jun E Caniel…

Jun E Caniel gives to families in need for thanksgiving

Jun E Caniel gives to families in need for thanksgiving

Giving Back the Jun E Way…

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We are very thankful to be granted the awesome opportunity to live our lives to the fullest.  It’s a blessing to wake up each day in your right mind. Jun E Caniel is about everyone reaching their maximum potential. Its about gaining experiences and using them to inspire others. Today we bought blankets and gloves for the homeless.Jun E Caniel Drove them around the city and passed them out to everyone in need. With success comes responsibility for our fellow man. None judging because at one time or another we all were one decision away from the bottom. We all belong to “One Race” and that’s the human race.

Their eyes…

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My heart hurts knowing 19 million kids died today from preventable diseases… But it beats with hope to the melody of Hope… As the little minds sit backJun E Caniel Eyes and judge, my big mind keeps formulating and executing a plan for them… My lungs offer to give their last breath to them. My heart wants to give its last beat to them. My mind want to give its last thought to them… My pen just want to give its last line to them… Hope Hope Hope… Haunted every day by your dying eyes… Motivated by your smiles… Restored by your sighs and sign of life… Inspired by your fight… I love you… All the shots from the world made my shoulders strong enough carry you…

The Multi-Millionaire ‘Gary Vaynerchuk’ Sketch Notes For Success

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Check out Jon Hope new video “Sara’s Song”. His album will be available tomorrow. We Jun E love this artist. Support Support Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His website is http://www.iamjonhope.com

Teacher Appreciation week @ Jun E Caniel

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www.jcaniel.com It is Teacher appreciation Week! Jun E Caniel Boutique will have special discounts all week for all teachers. On Friday we will have free facials for all cumberland county teachers interested. We truely appreciate what you do! The owners of Jun E Caniel are both former educators. Email or call to schedule your facial. info@jcaniel.com or (910) 920-3051

The Struggles of a Natural Born Dreamer

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www.jcaniel.com These dreams have been with me from since birth. For some reason I can’t get them out of my head. I’ve been on this earth now for 31 years. My parents truly have never supported me in anything I decided to do. The truth of the matter is my parents really don’t know me. I have tussled with this realization for years, and I must admit at times it hurts.  There are times when I think my mom is coming around but she goes back to her negative self. My wife and I have given lot of our time, money and brain power to empowering people in need. My parents reply ” Leave people alone”. ” Why are you helping the homeless?” Why are you mentoring other people’s kids?”  Those are the questions my mother asks on a daily basis. I remember when I quit being a principal to pursue my dreams of building Jun E Caniel, they frowned upon it. No support… What is a young man with all this vision of improving the world to do? Should I just pack it up and ignore my passion and the gifts I was given? Should I be like most and invest my life in someone else’s company, only to get shorted at the next down turn in the economy? Should I settle just for mediocrity or should I strain my potential till it cries for mercy?

It seems like everything was okay as long as my dreams remained “realistic”. My sister and her husband told me once that I would never play college basketball. They told me that I was a daydreamer. At that time I was only 11 years old.  They even told me there was a chance I would not graduate high school. Well I graduated, played college ball, and played in the Olympics. I currently hold four college degrees which include two undergrad and two master’s degree’s. I suspect this is the reason my sister and her husband do not talk to me. I learned a long time ago that you never argue to prove people wrong. You prove them wrong through actions.

Building Jun E Caniel has not been a easy road. Through the process we have lost houses, so-called family, friends, and cars. At one point I was riding a bike back and forth to work. My wife would have to catch rides to go to the grocery store. It was a struggle, but through it all we have never lost faith. We have grown into giants inside, striving for greatness. We have found ourselves and purpose in life through this Jun E journey. Our passion and faith keeps the dreams alive.  We recently opened our first store,bringing that dream to life.

Tiya and Jay Caniel With minimum help and no loans from the bank we opened the first Jun E Caniel store. It is true that the best way to predict the future is to build it. I wouldn’t trade any of the struggle for nothing. You can’t expect people to jump up and down for joy over your vision, after all most will never discover the true gold that resides inside of them. We live to start a revolution of people who know their worth in life! People who are not afraid to try! People who believe in themselves so much that they are willing to risk it all. That’s Jun E Caniel. As I write this I look forward to sharing our dreams, love, passions, and goals with the world. We live to improve humanity and build greatness with y0u. See you at the top!


Jun E Caniel Gives

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Today Jun E Caniel donated several bags of clothing and shoes to the Fayetteville Urban Ministry! The Jun E Caniel Gives to Fayetteville Urban Ministries clothing and shoes are GIVEN, not sold to homeless families and families in need. If you’re in the Fayetteville area and have clothes you no longer want, take them to Fayetteville Urban Ministries so they can be given to and used by someone who needs them.
In efforts to raise further awareness about autism in the Fayetteville community, Jun E Caniel also donated funds to Cumberland County Autism Society. The money will go towards the 5th annual Autism Awareness Vera Bradley Bingo Event.  Our mission is to challenge all to unleash the lion within themselves, by realizing your own greatness and power, and investing in our community is the best way for Jun E Caniel to carry out this mission.


Jun E Dreaming

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