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Jun E Thought of the Day

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We just want the whole world to know!


Jun E Caniel

Jun E Dreamers

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Two lungs screaming, ” We are too young to die”.  A heart that refuses to stop! A will that won’t relent until the vision is met. A brain that just keeps onwww.jcaniel.com creating and creating. We all have dreams in this world. We all hanker to be a part of something that is bigger than life.  We all look for the opportunity to be great. The opportunity to be a somebody. We all yearn for the opportunity to stand and be an expert in whatever we are good at. The dream!

The dictionary describes dreams as  a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep, however most of us are awake when dreaming. I dream about meeting people who have the infinite capacity of not knowing what cannot be done. I dream of a world of free thinkers that would rebel against the imprisonment of norms. People who will not be afraid to make their dreams become a reality. I dream about a world that dare’s to be Jun E and stop all the fighting! I dream of a world that is united www.jcaniel.com and demands nothing but greatness of each other. I dream of a world that is not afraid to be just, and do whats right for our children. A world without boundaries. The interesting part is we are the only ones that have the power to acknowledge or dispel boundaries. A world that does not stifle creativity of our youth, and that allows everyone to be themselves. Throw away the cookie cutter. It does not belong here! We are all powerful and unique in our own way. I dream of a world that will give so much to improvement that we will not have time to criticize one another.

In the end our lives produce the collection of dreams we hold in the mind. We must handle them with love and care.  We must be willing to take risk on behalf of our dreams . I surmise that we all have dreams, some of us just wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. There is no such thing as the perfect opportunity. We must be bold enough to move forward and make it a reality. Tell next time keep dreaming, keep moving forward, keep creating, and dream as if you’ll live forever, and live as if you’ll die today”!


Jun E Caniel Mission

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Our Mission:
To challenge all to unleash the LION within themselves by realizing their own greatness and power, becoming social activists, as well as freely expressing their thoughts and talents. Jun E Caniel encourages intellectual and artistic freedom as well as social responsibility.

Join us in the movement of Greatness!



Jun E Caniel

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Spring Collection

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Spring 2011 Collection. Summer Collection coming soon. Jun E!

Live well, laugh often, and love much!

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During a random conversation with a stranger, I noticed a powerful slogan in the background. It read: Live well, laugh often, and love much! My brain immediately went back to childhood.  It’s so interesting, the life and perspective of a young child. Growing up I had everything. No toys, so instead I created them with my mind. No bubble bath, so I created it with ivory soap. No bat, so we took old mop sticks and tennis balls and create a game. No hoop, so we took an old milk crate and nailed it to the lamp post. No desert, so we put cool aid in a cup and froze it and called it ” Special”.

Its, funny now but looking back at my childhood made me become a problem solver, entrepreneur, and inventor. Just walking around with a grin from ear to ear, even though I was bare footed and had holes in my pants. As I look into my life now as a young entrepreneur, I realize that its only through trials and risk that we learn.  I also discovered that  simplicity is the key to life. The same bravado we used as kids to achieve our dreams, works today!   I always believed I was the exception, and that everything would workout exactly how it’s seen in my mind. Today, I lay in bed each night looking at the Jun E Caniel empire grow. It was cool creating when I was a kid, and I must say it feels even better now. Live life Jun E!

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