Jun E Caniel

“Jun E”

The term “Jun E” means great. Every one has greatness inside of them. Jay Caniel I have yet to meet someone who would not want to be great. Well you can, if you just develop the talents that you have. Throughout life we get side tracked from our goals and ambitions by dead-end jobs, missed opportunities, Fear, etc. Some even blame their children as a contributing factor to why they settled.  We have to commit ourselves to happiness and finding our bliss in life. After commitment then we must discipline ourselves daily. The happier we are the wealthier, and healthier our families will become. Also we are more likely to spread love, leave our legacies and dramatically improve humanity. We all have been Jun E since birth!

Jay Caniel

  1. Of all the words created i think this is one of the greatest.

  2. Fear to be great, to be wonderful or to be imaginative, like how we were when we were kids and and had dreams is a great detriment to this world. i do agree and i will be gr8 if it kills me!

  3. Kind Gestures

    For whatever reason this morning I was in irritable mood,which carried on through my 6:00 am practice which affected my performance, even when I left out to practice heading to the cafe my mood has not changed. What I am trying to say is next time you find yourself upset, try to appreciate the little things in life. What I am about to tell you are series of kind gestures that occurred in the cafeteria, For example when I was in the breakfast line telling Mrs. Williams what I wanted from a selection of eggs, sausages, hash brown. The way she serves the food, she grabs the sausages first the eggs second and the hash browns third. She grabbed two sausages, some eggs and hash browns. while she was serving me my food i was hoping she would give me three sausages instead two, however, after putting the hash browns on my plate she went back and grabbed another sausage. Yes I know this might sound foolish, but that kind gesture of her getting me another sausage brighten up my day. And that’s when it hit me appreciating the little things in life may play a major role in true happiness. I told her thank you with a big smile and continued to the beverage machine and as I was getting my drink a perfect stranger ask me how I was doing. And again with a big smile I said I am doing great! by now all my negative emotions and feelings has left body and now happiness and joy has taken over. Now would this have happen if i was already in a good mood? Only God knows the true answer. but i do know this, those kind gestures that occured… I wouldn’t have paid any mind to them if i was happy initially. In the darkest of days seek the light of God. God is Great. Be Jun E!

    • Its amazing how people are like mirriors. Our whole day, hour, minute, and life can be altered with the exchange of a smile. That is an amazing blog you just posted, Ace. Its through these random moments, conversations etc that our lives can be shaped for ever. I’ve discovered that if you pay attention to life enough its always trying to tell us something, something that is beneficial to us. You see it’s only through other human beings we learn how to live. Thank you for sharing and Be Jun E!

    • Ariel, what you said is very true! We are all guilty of taking the seemingly little things for granted, and at times it is all too easy to focus only on the things which seem to be going wrong. I agree that we must be mindful of the way we think and take more control over our thoughts. We have to thank God for every positive thing in our lives, whether we feel happy or not. Kudos to you, Ariel for recognizing the importance of appreciating life and being open to the positive chain reaction that occurs when you let go of negativity! I hope you continue to share your thoughts with us! Stay Jun E!

      T. Caniel

  4. Thank you letting me express my thoughts through Jun E.I will definitely be sharing more real life experiences.

  5. Thank you for showing so much love to my artwork! It was a great surprise. I agree with the things you’ve said above. We all have the capacity for greatness, it just takes hard work, courage, and determination.
    Keep on keeping on!


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