Jun E Caniel

Jay Caniel

Ok, where do I start?  I am from St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., but I have lived in many different places.  I have always been creative, however I’ve only recently begun to truly tap into it.  By nature I am a writer, and since starting Jun E Caniel I have begun to earn the titles of artist and designer.

 I spent most of my life creating my own realities within the confines of my mind.

One Race

One Race ~Jun E Caniel

Growing up my parents always taught the value of a good, formal education.  So I went on to college and after four degrees, four years teaching, and a stint as a vice principal, I realized something.  I realized that greatness lies within all of us if we just take the time to tap into it.  I began to understand that true education is developing the faculties of one’s mind and creating exactly what one wants.  So now I pride myself on informally educating myself and others, and making the most of my life.

When I’m not working on Jun E Caniel I enjoy public speaking, volunteering , cycling, reading, writing, creating, mentoring, and having random conversation with strangers. Aside from creating, my passion is uplifting, restoring and empowering people to develop their own greatness and finding their bliss.

  1. So glad you’re chasing your dream of changing the world, not just with style but also with how you want to help people to feel better about their futures. Funny thing… we just returned from a trip to St. Croix…

  2. Love this description of the path to mastery. Speaking of which, have you read the book bearing the same title (Mastery), by Robert Greene?

  3. I think this is a fabulous book about creativity and following your calling, all with relevance for a very competitive marketplace. For me it works. If you like Greene, you’ll find this more upbeat. http://iwonderandwander.rudyfoto.com/2014/08/02/robert-greenes-insights-to-power-and-mastery/

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