Jun E Caniel

Tiya Caniel

I would like to start by saying that I am an artist before anything else.  I live to create. Creativity is my air, and without it I am only a shell with no purposeTiya Caniel or direction.  Since birth I have lived in my own world.  It is a world which has always presented itself to me in colors, lines, and plots.  From this perspective, I transcribe my environment into spiral notebooks and sketchbooks.  Ironically, I have had little formal education in the art field.  In college I picked a fairly easy major that seemed more realistic and useful than pursuing an art major.  I breezed through school, and went on to work in many different professions that warranted my degree.  After working in numerous unrewarding jobs, I had an epiphany which was incited by 2 simple text messages: “What did u want to do when u were a kid?” and “What stopped u?”  I wanted to be an artist and fashion designer and travel around the world helping people. What stopped me? Growing up.  I realized at that moment the importance of going back to what makes us happy as kids.  I then decided to pursue all the things Ive always wanted to do.

As I continue to grow up, I embrace my outlook more and more, and continue to feed my appetite for all things creative.  I also continue to recognize my worth and power.  Ultimately, I aspire to help people see their self-worth and realize the power they carry within.  We can do anything our minds dream up!   I hope my designs help awaken the lions inside us all and inspire us to live life according to our own standards.

  1. I just got the chance to read your blog. I am almost speechless because the “Meet Ms. Caniel and Mr. Caniel” section sounds like my boyfriend and me…I mean almost mirrors our outlooks and hopes. Like yourself, I chose a major that seemed to fit and safe. Now after years of working in my field, I now realize that it is ok to pursue my passion of fashion. I dont have any education or professional experience but I have a dream and a prayer. Somehow and Someway, I expect to get there. Like Mr. Caniel, my boyfriend is the owner of Man-Up Clothing, and he has an amazing spirit that he shares with others through public speaking, creating, volunteering, and mentoring. Oh, he was born and raised in NC and currently resides there. Anywho, Thank you for inspiring me and thank you for viewing my blog and sharing your thoughts! All LOVE, Muah!

    Joi Iman

  2. Hi Joi! Thank you so much for your kind words! At the end of the day we are here to inspire each other! We love what you and your boyfriend are doing. We would love to collaborate! Keep up the Jun E work and please don’t hesitate to email us or call. We would love to meet both of you! http://www.jcaniel.com Jun E Caniel Boutique # 910 920-3051

  3. I started my blog with the idea that the internet and social media gives us a way to connect with other like minded individuals in ways never before possible, and that by putting our true hopes/fears/desires/aspirations out in the world, we would start to find one another.

    I’m thrilled to see us collaborating for the benefit of one another. Love the site and concept. Continue to inspire. We’re sitting at the beginning of a #paradigmshift.

  4. Thank you for ‘liking’ my post. I love connecting with people who are creating their lives!

  5. Hi Ms. Caniel and thank you for the ‘like’. I’m Don Nash but, I graphix using Skulz Fontaine. The Graphic Visigoth is mine. I appreciate your taking the time to have a lookit see. I “consider” myself an artist however, there are a serious lot of folk that would dispute that for any number of reasons. I’m wildly dissident and averse to wars, warmongering, brutality, torture, idiot politicians, and worlds of icky crap that plagues our little Planet on a daily basis.
    By the by, you are doing just fine and take a moment to pat yourself on the back for being you.

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