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When a Jun E Kid Grows Up…

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Just a weird kid wanting a different life.. Wanted to laugh, play and dance in the rain… I enjoyed playing with imaginary friends and creating bubble bath from soap… I sat at that table and was a bus driver… The best damn bus driver on the island. I sat in that living room and became a college and Jun E Caniel Olympic basketball player. But they told me I day dream too much. I never could quite understand their language, so they said that I don’t listen…  After achieving certain feats, my success was turned against me… So now I go from being labeled as the little boy who day dreams to the anti social adult. However still these eyes won’t go past six… You know the age where everything is new and not taken for granted.  You know the age where you get excited about a piece of candy, or just going outside and having a conversation with a friend…

Jun E Lion I realize now it will always be something… I realize there will always be more ants than eagles,  more crabs than lions.  There will be more workers than owners… More managers than leaders. I realize now how you’re treated when you’re a revolutionary… They hate you. They band together against you ’cause they can’t stomach the thought that the same  “unstable” boy who day dreamed  and made friends with notepads will someday… Will someday… will someday …
ajac “The Difference between the bottom and the top is your perception of where you are… Sooner or later you find yourself in the place you dreamed up…”
Jay Caniel

Styled by Jun E: Sunshine in Paradise

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Move over Spring, Summer is here, and it’s time to bring out those electric blues, vibrant yellows, shocking pinks, and cool greens!  Summer is the time of the year when adding colors to your wardrobe is a must.

If you know Jun E Caniel, then you know we love colors. Our clothing shines brightest in the summer. We like to consider it our time of year…

Today I wanted to channel my inner street and paired my khaki cargo shorts with Jun E Caniel ‘s lemon yellow Africa Love tee. And what’s a summer without yellow or as I like to call it, lemon?? As most people know lemon is summer’s “it” color.  Matched with any other hue, lemon can bring out anyone’s outfit. I decided to rock some navy blue and off white sneaker wedges by ALDO. My sneakers are very fall attire but I must say I enjoy being quirky. I never have a reason behind what I wear…I’m just one of those people who wears what she chooses without any explanation as to why.

Tangelo color belt and electric blue on my nails. Ahhhhhh….I just love SUMMER. My earrings were actually an old gift from my high school friend. Her grandmother was in to making jewelry and handmade me these custom earrings with my nickname ‘Vira’ inside. The dice are so colorful and I love them.


Run over to Jun E Caniel now and grab their latest gear! Soak up some Jun E sunshine while you’re there!

-Elviria Valdaz

Africa Unite

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They are finally here! Jun E Caniel’s spring collection of limited edition t-shirts. The one featured here today is called Africa Unite. Many of us who are a part of the Jun E family are Bob Marley lovers, and it is my assumption that this is the reason behind the title and inspiration for this shirt design…..But we never know what’s running through the mind of co-owner/designer Legend. She’s always full of surprises and as a fan of her art work I love it.


In my opinion, this collection of designs is personal. If you ever seen previous designs from Jun E Caniel, in my opinion they aren’t as awesome as these. Yes, I am picking favorites hahaha.  When I saw the sketches being transformed from paper, to Adobe, and then to actually being on a shirt, all I could say was “Wow”.  Legend is really talented and I’m so glad that the outside world will be able to embrace this part of her and look good while doing it.



Here are a few pictures of me sporting Africa Unite. Today, was a very laid back day in the House of Jun E Caniel and that’s exactly the vibe that’s being portrayed in this photos, but do not get discouraged hahaha AJ Styles will be back soon! 

World AIDS Day

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 Tiya Caniel is sporting her Jun E “Peace, Africa” organic v-neck in red to show awareness on World AIDS Day… Comfort, consciousness & cuteness rolled into one…Stay conscious, stay free, stay Jun E!!!

Legend "Tiya Caniel "


The Jun E Misfits

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As I look into the eyes of our youth, I see hope, I see people who want to be great. I have discover that no 0ne really wants to be mediocre. I have observed adults that go through the motion and kids act as if they do not care. I realize everyone cares if they are given a reason. Most people are just living, waiting to hear approval from someone close to them. We have to instead teach people to live for themselves and make decisions that will make them happy! Only then will we start to move towards greatness or our Jun E! People are like houses, just waiting to be built up, waiting to find that someone who takes the time to build the foundation. They are waiting for hope, love, discipline, and leaders. The leader is within them, but undiscovered. Shame on us if we don’t find a way to uplift, restore, and empower all the beauty walking the streets. I sit back and see all this talent waiting to be molded like clay, but we seem scared to pick it up, and take it upon ourselves to mold. Instead we watch and judge and say, ” That’s not my clay.” The clay belongs to all of us, but who is strong enough to take it on?

Let’s build teams! Let’s build teams that will allow us to accomplish things and give life to others. Let’s be brave enough to pick up clay and mold it. Let’s  not think about just ourselves, but make sure our fellow man has the same opportunities. Let’s learn to look for talent and not judge people!  Let’s be hero’s, even if it’s  for just one day. They’re waiting for us to step up. If we don’t step up, what do we really expect to change?  To all our youth! … Jun E loves you!

Jay Caniel

Fashion Friday: March 23, 2012

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Happy Friday!!!! It’s sunny, warm, and beautiful as usual inside Jun E Caniel Boutique.  The weather outside is a direct reflection of the environment inside the store!  For today’s Fashion Friday, we’ll start with Tiya Caniel.  She’s rocking a few of her favorite pieces today. 

The most important piece Tiya wears today is an eco-hoodie in protest against the injustice of Trayvon Martin’s murder.

Layered underneath the hoodie is her favorite Jun E cardigan, which is paired with a Jun E Africa Unite tee.  Tiya’s usual flair is added in the form of a plaid patterned cloth and leather belt and of course her all time favorite, the cowboy boots. Though the belt seems an odd choice at first, we can’t deny that it adds to the entire look.

These days, Tiya sports shorts and skirts when the weather allows and today she decided to wear her dark brown shorts from Express. They are a basic neutral that take nothing away from the rest of Tiya’s outfit, emphasizing the vibrancy of the colors she wears.

As usual, Tiya remains cute, comfortable, and conscious in her choice of dress.  Gotta love it!!!

Let’s move on to Jay Caniel, who is also dressed in comfortably conscious Jun E gear.  What we love the most about his outfit is his color combinations.  Jay is rockin’ a pink ribbon, lightweight eco-hoodie in memory of Trayvon Martin, which is worn over an exclusively designed Jun E Spiral Rose t-shirt.

Jay continues to push the envelope by wearing argyle socks with his latest pair of skate shoes.  The shoes feature different textures in various shades of gray and offer a nice contrast to the blues in Jay’s socks.

Somehow, it all comes together nicely to not only express Jay’s shining personality, but also show off his knack for putting together pieces that don’t seem to match and making them work.


Thanks, Jun E people for reading our blog! Stay tuned for more Jun E posts in the future!

~The Jun E Style Team~

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