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Styled by Jun E: It’s Time To Play Ball!

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Baseball Season is here ladies and gents! Time to grab those baseball caps, throw on a quarter sleeve tee and head out to the field. It’s time to play ball. The fashionable way!!!  I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my readers come from a sports oriented family. I recently just became apart of a family that has a strong love for basketball. (Even though I’m not there yet! I still support) So, now its time for the football fans to move over and make room for the baseball crowd!


If you’re anything like me, you refuse to play the game, and decide to sit and watch from afar, drifting off into your own little world.  Leave it to Jun E Caniel to get me excited about baseball, even if my focus is more so on what to wear to a game, than the game itself.  This week I present to you……

Jun E Caniel baseball tees! An oldie but a goody! A lot of the shoppers at Jun E Caniel love the baseball tees. They were made for both women and men; with the same colors and style.  The front features the Jun E Lion and the back has the company name and the number “22” printed on the back.  Twenty-two is a number that holds a lot of significance to the founders of Jun E Caniel.  If you want to know more about it, you gotta ask them! 🙂  Every design has meaning and is created with great intentionality.


I personally enjoy the way the shirt falls on my body. It’s the perfect length for my long carefree arms and lands at a perfect place on my long torso. Its a little weird (and weird is good) because you would think that each shirt was particularly for one person/ body type. But No, no matter the person the shirt looks great on!

Plus it has that feature of many baseball tees, light and COM-FORT-ABLE

Image (1)

Its a Jun E tee, what would you expect!? Everything made by them feels amazing! Ask around!


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