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Like waking with all the faculties of my mind.
Like smelling outside…


Jun E Smile

Or seeing well beyond a mile…
Maybe feeling greatness inside.
Like having a reason to be alive.
Smiling for no reason…
Just floating on in life.

A Jun E Life

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Falling in love with life….

My Dreams grew wings one night…

A smile…

A map…

Jun E Freedom bracelet…

I’m High


Jay Caniel

Spreading Jun E Love…

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We are delivering thanksgiving dinner and pampers to families in need. There is no greater feeling than the ability to give to others.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jun E Caniel…

Jun E Caniel gives to families in need for thanksgiving

Jun E Caniel gives to families in need for thanksgiving

Dream Jun E!

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If you can dream it… Dream it!

Jay Caniel

Jay Caniel

If your going to talk it

Walk it!

Paint a picture of your life…

Imagine it with your beautiful mind..

24 hours a day to grind…

Remove negativity of all kind…

And you will achieve everything you see with those eyes!

~Jun E Caniel


Jun E in New Orleans

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Jun E Caniel Eco Eclectic Style

New Orleans


Tiya Caniel


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They say success is a stretch…
Everyday giving an attempt…
No no… my mind wouldn’t relent…
So I stretched…
Now what’s next?….

Dear Dreamers

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Dear Dreamers
“I’m just happy we made it
Didn’t listen to the fakers
Critics never create shit…
Tha’ts why we need you to make it.”
~Jay Caniel

Jun E Caniel’s Eco Eclectic Style

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Jun E Caniel “One Race”  purple heather T-shirt sold out at a recent show in California. We will be releasing it again online Friday September 12, 2014 http://www.jcaniel.com

One Race

One Race

Living My Song…

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Skipping through life like a midwest wind
Just the way the pendulum swings…
Smiling ’cause my heart beats within
Just thankful for the oxygen the trees bring….
Living my song that’s within…
They say I got one life to live…
Now nothing will stop this kid…
(Excerpt Jun E Musing)

Jay Caniel

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