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All this time the power was inside…
Fix your mind on greatness
And the universe will comply….
~Jay Caniel 

Jun E Caniel http://www.jcaniel.com

Sankofa: A Jun E Poem

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photo3Star in the sky…

We all fall from time to time…

Return to the originality inside…

Where greatness resides…

~Jun E Caniel~


Sankofa: Reaching Back To Get It

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So here we go! It’s a new year, a new you, a new outlook and a billion new opportunities to bask in your greatness!!! We made it to another year, you guys! Whew!

Is it just us, or was the year 2014 a crazy time? And I do mean the ENTIRE year! It was a year of learning lessons and mastery of self. This week, we have shifted the focus at Jun E Caniel to reflecting (not dwelling) on the past.  As we gear up for making some pretty major and necessary changes this year, we find it necessary to play back some crucial moments in 2014 in order to successfully analyze where we “wrong” and what we got “right”.

Sankofa is the theme here in Jun E Land.  It means “reach back and get it” or “return and get it” in the Akan language of Ghana.  Sankofa is often symbolized as a bird turned backwards to take an egg off its back or a heart shape.sank_lg sankofaBirdWe interpret that to mean “learn from the past”.

This has been a recurring theme in Jun E Land, even in 2014. Members of our team have been privileged enough to learn about their ancestors and family history in the past year. These discoveries regarding our family trees have given so much insight it’s unbelievable.  It was this notion of returning to our families’ pasts that brought about inspiration for our Jun E Caniel “Sankofa” tee.

Our tee features a variation of the Sankofa bird symbol with the bird turned backwards to get a heart off its back instead of an egg.  What does this mean?  photo4 (1)Well, if you are familiar with our brand, you know we are all about challenging people to unleash their lion by realizing their own greatness and power. You can only unleash your Lion when you truly love yourself. The lion logo represents greatness to us. We all have it inside of us, but at times it needs a spark, something to make it come forth.  We need self-love. photo3Sometimes, we lose the love due to past experiences.  Maybe we allowed someone to make us feel insignificant, maybe we’ve experienced failure, or we’ve become caught up in being who others want us to be.  Perhaps we have forgotten how great we were in the first place. The Jun E Sankofa art represents the notion that we can take back the greatness/self-love that we gave up.  We can look back in the past and remember who we really are. We can remember that we are the embodiment of greatness and love ourselves unconditionally.

As we continue in this new year, we are mindful of our own greatness as a family and a brand.  We are letting go of the things that no longer serve us.  photo2 (1)At the same time, we are making sure to claim and hold fast to all the good things that 2014 gave us. We’re walking into 2015 feeling lighter, a hell of a lot smarter and energized. We are most definitely full of love for ourselves as individuals and for one another.

Go, take back your love of self, and never let it go again.  Life is Jun E, y’all.

Thank you for reading.  Until next time, be Jun E & be great!!!

~The Jun E Team~

New Jun E Caniel SanKofa Tee

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New Jun E Caniel “Sankofa” Tee now available


Jun E Caniel Sankofa

The Wall

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Tiya Caniel Watching the chalk talk
Thinking everybody is a star
If only we allow them to tell who they are
But they talking through this wall…
I love yall.
(Excerpt Jun E Musing)


Just a thought

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Jun E ThoughtThat feeling… That feeling when you got permission to go outside… That feeling of meeting love for the first time… Or maybe you stayed up on the phone all night…That feeling of watching a beautiful sunset. Or maybe you got some well needed rest… Being told your beautiful for the first time… Or maybe the feeling when you hear your favorite rhyme… The effects of your smile… Or maybe the taste of your favorite glass of wine… Thats wealth.


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It’s a new day… Slowly skipping through my imagination dancing to Bob… I guess he talking about Jamming… I want… I want jam with you.. No rules to jaminghow, you can do it any how. I like to go back to the days that playing outside was a hot commodity.. We were satisfied with running around the neighborhood like we were crazy and boy was that glass of water priceless. The days of no rent, no mortgage, no idea of classes, no color, crying to get what you want, and begging parents until they gave in… Our lives revolved around that feeling… We got high off of feelings y’all.. No one worried about buying designer clothing or the latest ride to impress no one.. You know… Take it back to the days we didn’t have to wear deodorant and hated taking baths… Haircuts once a month lol, climbing trees and falling asleep dreaming. The days when Freddie Kruger was actually scary lol..

So I went back. I live those days just in a different sense. Waking up dancing and constantly spewing gratitude to the universe like I know him or her. I put my middle finger up to a steady job, fake friends, and people who want to play small.. I’m just jamming… Creating life like a creator but they say that’s blasphemy lol.. Taking my smiles on the road like there is a suitcase big enough to carry them.. Spreading energy all over the land like a salt truck… I’m just jamming.. Offending miserable people cause I’m just jamming… They told me the music is too loud but it’s getting turned up.. We jamming… The stench of success like your neighborhood skunk lol… You can’t stop this dance, ’cause the music plays naturally from within.. All real no substitute ’cause we pre- Monsanto.. OK I had enough.. I’m jamming.. (excerpt “Jun E Musing”)



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Special thanks to all the Artist for participating in FAME LIVE 2014. Thank you to all who supported the event with your energy, love, and resources… We love you and appreciate all that you do to keep Art alive.

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Jun E Tracks…

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I’m not sure why you would want to be crammed into all these boxes when outside the boxes it looks like Paradise… It’s hard to see the beauty through the 3×5 square they cut you… Imagine that. Imagine being locked inside a box with a blue feeding tube… Imagine being programmed just like a computer… Imagine being treated like a dog… Imagine being given choices and your choices from that make you feel free… hmmm.. Imagine. No one should live like this, huh? Then look in the mirror… What will you do about it? I got a story to tell…

Jun E boysSo I closed my eyes and dreamed of Paradise till I became it. Hi! I’m Paradise… Perfect because of all my imperfections.. Smiling because you have no idea the pain it took to evoke this much joy. Still skipping because I’m used to hurdles… I should have run track…But on a different track. This track is for the people who die because lack of food. This track is for the little black boy who was told he would never be shit in a world… This track is for the little girl who thinks she has to be second class. This track is for kids with no arms, no feet, one ear, no sight, no sound… This track…. This music must play and it’s not a damn thing you can do about it! Yea! Paradise… It’s for the dreamers with anger problems… The dreamers who speak a different language than the rest.. The dreamers who were too brown to make a dent in this motherfucker! I ain’t mad lol… Paradise….

Jun E Recess…

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Jun E Dreams She asked ” Where do you think we go wrong?” I smile as the colors in my mind begin to blend into a perfect harmony… She says ” you somehow remain 6 years old through it all”. Yes! Correct! Allow me to air out my present mind… You see at six everything is new and fresh… We don’t quite understand boundaries, or taking people for granted. We live into every moment like it was our last… Shit we have plenty of serious miserable adults around to tell us when recess is up… So we never concern ourselves with tomorrow or the next 15 minutes.. It’s always now! We put nothing off to chance for the next day, or the next month. I want the ice cream cone now! But your telling me I must wait cause in life we can’t always get what we want.. Bull shit speak for yourself. We create bubble bath out of ivory soap. With no toys we somehow find away to make everything around bend for our enjoyment. We play aimlessly in the back of our beautiful minds and create worlds within worlds… You asked..

Where do we go wrong? We listen..  We listen to people who spend everyday building their ownJun E Playing coffins… People who tell us we can do what ever we want but some how their statement didn’t apply to them… hmmm… We listen.. We listen to people who tell us that life has to be a struggle… People who hate their lives… People who hate people… People who have certification.. People who have degree’s… People who drive nice cars… People who live in nice neighborhoods…  Masking themselves in things because they think things certify them… Following scripts like movie stars without cameras… People with titles…  People who just use language and have no idea what the fuck they talking about. But we listen…. The un originals tell us how to dress, speak, talk etc… We follow followers… We lead in the beginning!

They told me recces was only 15 minutes… But somehow I managed to stretch it out for a lifetime… Every morning the recess bell rings, accompanied by this humongous smile… Followed by unlimited thoughts of gratitude… My eyes looks out to the sky like I live in a convertible, admiring the creation and brewing my next creation. The world is at my feet and the universe is my playground… It’s just my present state.  We go wrong when we stop having recess. Come play with us…

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