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By sharing our wearable art, our ideas & space, we at Jun E Caniel challenge all to unleash the lion within by realizing their own greatness and power, becoming social activists & freely expressing their thoughts & talents. Jun E Caniel encourages intellectual & artistic freedom as well as social responsibility. We always offer the highest quality of services and products to all who seek Jun E love and inspiration. #Wearjunecaniel

5th Anniversary!!!!!!

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Save 50% All Month!

 Save BIG with coupon code: BDAY50 as we celebrate Jun E Caniel’s 5th Year Anniversary!!! Sale ends June 30, 2015
Jun E Caniel


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All this time the power was inside…
Fix your mind on greatness
And the universe will comply….
~Jay Caniel 

Jun E Caniel http://www.jcaniel.com


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Smile your best smile at everyone you see…

Think about all the things you have to be thankful for… and smile.

The world will smile with you!

Jun E Caniel

Just 2 Kids…

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Jun E Caniel 2 Kids with dreamy eyes…
Love kinda sparked a fire…
Love for all success
Love to inspire the rest
Figured if we could go from broken homes to leaving legacies of our own…
Then we could breath faith in all homes…
See for the blind…
Live life with a smile
Maybe feed your beautiful minds…
Giving back to all mankind
That’s what came to our minds
When we started the Jun E Caniel Empire…

Jun E Caniel ECO Color Block Hoodie

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Jun E Caniel new Color Block Eco Hoodie now available


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New Jun E Caniel SanKofa Tee

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New Jun E Caniel “Sankofa” Tee now available


Jun E Caniel Sankofa

Living My Song…

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Skipping through life like a midwest wind
Just the way the pendulum swings…
Smiling ’cause my heart beats within
Just thankful for the oxygen the trees bring….
Living my song that’s within…
They say I got one life to live…
Now nothing will stop this kid…
(Excerpt Jun E Musing)

Jay Caniel


In Daily Inspiration on June 10, 2014 at 5:09 pm

I’m thinking 200 years in time…
Thoughts running like a mile….
Heart flowing like the Nile…
Lungs blowing like my mind…
Cant function in real life
So I created my own space and time…
(Excerpt Jun E Musing)

Jun E Caniel


The Wall

In Daily Inspiration on June 3, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Tiya Caniel Watching the chalk talk
Thinking everybody is a star
If only we allow them to tell who they are
But they talking through this wall…
I love yall.
(Excerpt Jun E Musing)


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