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Burning Bridges: My Truth

In Daily Inspiration, Motivational Speaking, Thoughts on May 23, 2013 at 9:04 pm

“Never burn your bridges.”  “Be sure not to burn any bridges.”  What’s the big deal about burning bridges anyway???  Rest assured, any bridges I burn are those which will never need to be crossed again.  There is a purging process that must take place when one is growing into greatness.  Certain people must be left behind and this is not a bad thing at all.  burning bridges pic 3

Why continue to consort with those who are not genuine, especially once their intentions are known?  How far can one really fly?

Here’s my truth when it comes to burning bridges:

I stopped dealing with people who do not accept me for who I am.  I stopped dealing on a personal level with those who are not sure where they stand.  Lukewarm people are dangerous and easily swayed from one side to the other because they do not know themselves or where they stand.  I burned those bridges either intentionally or by accident and I have yet to look back.  burning bridges pic2

My retort to those who love to warn against the burning of bridges is this: What do I need a bridge for when I have wings?  I’d rather perch on cloud.


~T. Caniel~

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