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Rise up, Jun E Girl!

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Dear young girl rising

Jun E Girls rising Don’t be afraid! You don’t need the permission of any one else but yourself.. It’s within you.. your greatness and in case you think you’re alone, look up! Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Sammuramat, Cleopatra, Catherine de Medici, Elizabeth I, Mbande Nzinga, and Tiye just to name a few are waiting to see your next move… You’re not alone. From the beginning of time your kind has lead. You are the best leaders a world canJun E Girl rising ask for.

But I know the media shows you no love… They show the boxes that are “appropriate” for you under their jurisdiction.. lol Their Jurisdiction only exists to those who subscribe to it.  But I’m here to tell you there is no box big enough to contain you.. I know I’m asking you to be an example and not settle for a title or enough comfort to shut you up.. I don’t want you to be like those other women who have been educated Jun E Girls Rising to be tamed! Be educated to free yourself and all the others around you…

You are created for something very specific and enormous…  If you don’t believe it, call on Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Tzu-hsi, Joan of Arc, and Amina…. ItJun E Girls Rising might be a dream of mine but I see girls rising.. Rise up, young lady and be great… Be alive and show that light! Show that you cannot be comprehended without your permission… The world is your playground and the universe yours to create greatness. Leave your stench of greatness all throughout the world.. Girls rising, like heat… Like eagles… Like… Rise girl rise… it’s time!

Jay Caniel


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Let us not forget the power of our words, not only when conversing with ourselves but also when speaking to others.  Be mindful of your words and the tone with which you speak them.  In this time where “keeping it real” is the cool thing to do and an effective way to gain respect, do not use this as an excuse to say whatever you want to whomever you want.  Keeping it real does not mean being rude or disrespectful.  Do not forget the Golden Rule, for some of you can easily dish it, but have a lot of trouble taking it. Image

It is possible to keep it real and stay true without verbally abusing others.  Everything we say is energy and it cannot be taken back.  Be thoughtful in your actions as well as your speech, and be sure you are emitting the kind of energy you would like reciprocated.  There can be life in your words!  People can be embraced and empowered by your words.  Keep it positive and keep it Jun E!!! Image

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