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Jun E Caniel: Look of the day 04/18/12

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Fashion Friday: March 9, 2012

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It’s another dreary Friday here in Fayetteville, NC however the dreariness gets checked at the door upon entering Jun E Caniel Boutique.  Today is Fashion Friday here in Jun E Land and vibrant colors and attitudes reign!!!  Check out Jay Caniel rockin’ our signature eco-fleece Jun E Hooded Scarf! 

The scarf is just the beginning.  Do not ignore the crisp, white Jun E v-neck, khaki colored cargo shorts courtesy of Abrocrombie & Fitch, and the bright yellow and grey skate shoes…

             As always, this guy loves to indulge in the often understated details of his clothing by finding ways to emphasize and bring attention to them.  It’s all in the details… and can be seen in the embroidered Jun E logo on the hooded scarf and v-neck shirt, bright yellow stripes in the shoes, intricate designing in the handmade wooden Africa necklace Jay wears, as well as the powerful word “UNLEASHED” which we spotted on his green Jun E wristband.  What’s not to love about this outfit.  Jay Caniel is never over done.

Let’s move on to Tiya, who is showing off her Jun E vibrancy not only through her choice of colors, but also by her choice of accessories today!

One can’t help but notice Tiya’s eye-catching partially tie-dyed scarf with it’s brilliant blues, shades of pink, and hints of burgundy!  It’s a perfect fit to go along with her self-designed slightly mismatched feather earrings.   She definitely pays attention to the details not only in her style of dress, but in her designing as well.  Her pink Alternative Apparel burnout tee offers a nice contrast to the scarf and long feather earrings.  Let’s not ignore her one of a kind skeleton key necklace, handmade by Luminous Creation.  With this piece Tiya continues to bring out the turquoise in her earrings and show off a bit of her more rustic side.

Gray straight leg jeans from Old Navy and camel colored cowboy boots complete the outfit.

This couple never disappoints when it comes fashion.  They continue to put together pieces and color combinations that truly express their shining personalities.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next Friday.  See you then and thank you for reading!

Peace, Love, & Jun E!!!

~Jun E Style Team~

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