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Special thanks to all the Artist for participating in FAME LIVE 2014. Thank you to all who supported the event with your energy, love, and resources… We love you and appreciate all that you do to keep Art alive.

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“Tabii with Two i’s” Jun E Caniel meets Tabii Just by Elviria Valdaz

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Tabii Just is here to stay! Being apart of New York’s fashion week to the cover of Express Woman, co-founder and designer Tabitha St. Bernard has taken her love for fashion to new heights. Giving her brand a name for itself in this greatly competitive industry with her “spirit of Trinidad and Tobago” living in her clothing. No one can look at this brand with the naked eye and say it doesn’t have what it takes to leave a statement on Americans.

Tabii Just is not just a clothing line, it’s a brand! A household name, Tabii Just stands for something and brings culture to fashion. Now-a-days many fashion designers and clothing lines lack personality……and

Tabitha St. BernardTabii Just screams ORIGINALITY! When you see the clothing you can see pieces of the designer in each dress, skirt, or cropped top! Tabitha, has made a name for herself.

When given the chance to interview this Trinidadian native I jumped right on it. It’s no surprise how her genuine soul shined right through in her words. I have not yet had the chance to meet her in person, but her words were read as if I knew her personally.

As a creative designer, at what point did you realize that you wanted to be your own boss and design your own clothing?
I’ve always been designing my own clothing but it seemed like a daunting task to start my own line, especially as a young designer. I wanted to learn about the industry before taking that risky step. I realized that I wanted to be my own boss when I saw that my ideals were very specific. I had the choice of either looking for a company with ideals close to mine and spend time making someone else’s dream come true or I could spend that time creating my own brand and making my own dream come true. You can guess the path I took.
During the brainstorming process, when did you feel like Tabii Just was the perfect name for the clothing line?
It was a name that I chose on a whim, actually! I wanted to incorporate my name and keep it personal but I wanted to relay the sustainable aspect of the clothing. I was playing around with a few names and tossing them around with friends and I just kind of ran with this one. People ask why I chose two i’s for Tabii and the answer is simple. It looks cuter than a Y.
Your brand is very big on using recycled fabrics for new creations, what was the motivation behind this Lenay Dunn at the Disconnect Premierechoice?
“We actually use new fabric but we use all of it. We take the excess from the clothing and use that to make different smaller items. We take pride in our Zero Waste ideology in regards to the fabric. For me, the motivation was simple. I wanted a type of sustainability that I could keep a close watch on. I love organic fabric but it’s regulated by certifications. It’s not personal to me. I have to trust that it’s being done that way. With Zero Waste, I make the patterns myself and I work directly with the
How involved are you and your company in the recycled materials and organic clothing?
“We haven’t been very involved but I was recently introduced to a great organic fabric supplier and I’m thinking of using some of those in the next collection. I celebrate any way to make fashion more sustainable.”
What’s your opinion on how many Americans are now being more self-aware of organic and sustainable fabrics?
“I think that it’s become a bit of a fad, now. It’s become mainstream for sure. It’s a sort of trend to be organic but there are some designers who maintain it as a part of their line DNA. These are the guys that I respect.”
tabiijust_21_1024x1024What’s a typical day in the life of Tabii Just?
“Every single day is different! Right now, we’re getting ready to design Spring 2014 while selling this current collection. Typically, we do social media in the morning. Twitter and Facebook are our faves. I usually answer the bulk of emails. I line up meetings in the afternoon. I’m looking for a salesperson so I have meetings scheduled for that. I’m also a mentee with the Ben Appelbaum Foundation so I either meet with or talk with my mentors about strengthening the foundation of Tabii Just and growing at a realistic rate. I’m getting ready for a pop-up shop on June 20th at the Fashion Center with a few other wonderful designers so I may either meet with them or email with them about preparations. I tend to do fittings and visits to the factory during production in the afternoon, as well. If I’m in the Garment District, I frequently stop by my favorite fabric supplier and check out what new fabrics they have. I also blog about fashion and beauty so I may go to an event in the evening, wearing Tabii Just, of course. My intern usually finishes the day at around 5pm but I keep going until around midnight with emails, events, etc.”
Tabii Just is manufactured in the USA, New York to be exact. As a designer is that decision a pro or con for the brand?
“It’s been a personal pro. I wanted to get to know the people who make Tabii Just clothing so it was necessary for me to have the clothing made locally. As a brand, making Tabii Just clothing locally has been perfectly in line with our conscientious approach to fashion.”
What do you expect to see from your company in the next 5 years?
“I expect us to expand retail-wise. I’d like to take Tabii Just to as many states and countries as realistic for us.”
As a college graduate from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, what piece of advice would you give young adults aspiring to be fashion designer or work in the field of fashion overall?
“Get ready to work hard. It’s tough to create your dreams and also have the know-how to market and sell it. Keep moving forward. Oh, and definitely work for someone else before venturing out tabiijust-13_1024x1024on your own.”
What influence does your Caribbean heritage have on your designs?
“It has a tremendous influence on my designs. I grew up there so everything I reference from my childhood is within the context of Trinidad and Tobago. A few years ago, I played in our annual Carnival for the first time and the explosion of color, culture and talent is incomparable to anything else I ever experienced. It blew my mind. I’m drawn to color and vibrancy. I love movement in clothing and I also gravitate to things that are a little sexy. This is the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago. I am so proud to be Trinidadian and it’s in the DNA of Tabii Just for sure.”
As a woman how important is it for you to design pieces that are not only engaging to look at, but also flattering to the female body?
“No woman will feel confident wearing something that she thinks doesn’t look good on her body. It was important to me to create styles that women would strut with pride in. Having something look beautiful is easy when I’m designing in my studio on a dress form. When I see someone wearing my design and it hits at just the right place on their thighs and shoulders and they pair it with their favorite heels….that’s the ultimate high for me.”
Do you have anything up your sleeve for Tabii Just in the future? If so, can we hear about it?
“I definitely have some exciting things coming up for Tabii Just! I can’t talk about all of them but I will tell you a few! We’re having a pop-up shop at The Fashion Center on June 20th. so if you’re in New York, this is the time to snag your Tabii Just dress (p.s. signature cocktails will be involved)! Also, we have an exciting collaboration coming up with a non-profit organization focused on helping people with disabilities. I’m so excited!”
What a memorable person! Visit http://www.tabiijust.com for her latest fashions and press updates. Purchases can be made at tabiijust.com, modavanti.com and in stores such as Jun E Caniel Boutique and Kaight.
Peace and Love
Elviria Valdaz

Jun E Style

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“Have you ever wondered how to dress up your favorite sweatshirt? Try this: vintage pleated skirt, printed button-up shirt, colorful neck tie and our favorite Eco fleece sweatshirt…Now that’s a Jun E fit”


Ways That You Can Be Jun E!

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  • Live Your Own Life
    There is nothing remarkable about someone who is constantly trying to be like other people. Be yourself and be the best you that you can possibly be.
  • Be Authentic
    Mean the things you say and do. Authenticity is not very common these days but when it is there, it shines through your words and actions and is very powerful for creating bonds with others.
  • Come Up With Your Own Sayings
    Come up with your own quirky and original sayings. People will take notice and it may even catch on. I. E Jun E!
  •  Leave Others Better Than You Found Them
    Make it a habit to leave people in a better state then you found them. Happier, healthier, stronger, wealthier. This is a major way of being remarkable.
  • Help People Without Wanting Anything In Return
    Volunteer to help other people out. Give some of your time, money or resources to help a fellow human being and expect absolutely nothing in return.
  • Don’t Try To Be Perfect
    Be creative and abstract instead of trying to live up to other people’s expectation of perfect. You can achieve great and beautiful things without them living up to the general consensus of perfect.
  • Face Your Fears
    People who avoid things because they are scared will never be remarkable. Face your fears and conquer them. Do you think Lance Armstrong would have been remarkable if he had given up cycling after he had cancer?
  • Take The Plunge
    Be that person who does what others won’t do. If others are too scared to attempt something that you are not scared to do, just go out and do it with all your passion and energy.
  • Question The Norm
    Just because something is done by millions of people around the world in a certain way does not mean it is the right or the only way to do something. Question the norm and don’t be afraid to do something differently.
  • Expose Yourself
    Get up on stage or in front of people. Risk putting your ideas and creativity out in public, available for criticism and humiliation. What if Jay Z would have been to scared to perform in public and kept all his talent and art to himself in his basement?
  • Start Your Own Tribe
    Be a leader instead of a follower. Build up a community or tribe of like minded people who will follow you and use your power to make a difference for the better in this world.
  • Say NO To Things
    If something goes against your principles or you don’t really want it, say NO. You might risk offending some people, but most will respect you for having strong boundaries and sticking to them.
  • You Are Enough
    Have the mindset that you have all the assets to be remarkable. You have talent and you have a gift. Share it with the world.
  • Be Optimistic
    Optimism and smiles are contagious. Make the world a happy and positive place.
  • Be confident
    Know what you want and be confident that you are going to get it. I think that all remarkable people share the trait of confidence.
  • Be Humble
    Arrogance and vanity are not traits to associate with people you respect and think highly of. No matter how good, famous or wealthy you are, stay humble with both feet on the ground.
  • Create something that brings joy to other peoples lives
    Art, a painting, a video clip, a film, a song, a poem, a book and so on and so forth. Be artistic and express your talent in a form that it can be shared with everyone without the expectation of getting rich from it. It’s your gift to the world.
  • Invent something that everyone needs
    The disposable razor or a cigarette lighter for example. There could be one little thing that seems so simple yet will make the lives of millions of people so much easier.
  • Take something that works and make it better
    The Japanese are pretty good at this. They took a normal train and change it into the fastest train in the world (bullet train). Take a normal and existing concept and make an exceptional change to it.
  • Start a movement
    People look for a leader, someone who takes charge and takes initiative. Someone who has good intentions and wants to make a big change for the better. Be that leader and start a movement to change something that is not right in this world.
  • Fight for peace and freedom
    All around the world there is so much unnecessary war and suffering. It seems impossible for one person to make a difference, but if everyone thinks like that, things will never change. Stop a war or change violent policies of a country and you will be remarkable.
  • Preserve our planet
    Rainforests are being destroyed, species wiped out, oceans overfished and beautiful ecosystems perish. Make a difference and start a movement to do something about the destruction of our planet.
  • Help the hungry
    There are so many people dying of hunger all around the world every single day. Do something to make a lasting difference. One idea I had was to get every person travelling on a plane to forfeit their meal for the hungry. A combined effort by all passengers would result in thousands of meals a day that could be given to hungry people all across the world.
  • Push the limits (break a record)
    If you can do something that nobody else has been able to achieve, then you will not only get noticed but you will certainly be remarkable. You may just be the psychological inspiration for many others to get past the level that was always thought of as unbreakable.
  • Revolutionize an industry
    Waltz into an industry or niche with a great idea or new perspective and put that idea in motion. If you can improve or revolutionize the way an entire industry does something then you are pretty remarkable.
  • Tell Compelling Stories
    Stories are an amazing way to share knowledge and experiences with others. If you know how to create compelling and fun stories, you can make a big impact on the lives of others. That’s remarkable.
  • Think Better
    Be a step ahead of everyone else. Think faster, better or more efficiently.
  • Read More Interesting Things
    The more you read, the more you shape your personality. The more interesting things that you read, the more likely you are to become an interesting (and remarkable) person.
  • Don’t Be Boring
    One requirement of being remarkable is that you are not boring. Be original, fun and get things done.
  • Stop Making Excuses
    Either do something or don’t do it at all. Don’t be someone who always has excuses to stall doing something or justify why you didn’t do something.
  • Never Settle For Average
    Never be content with average or mediocrity. When other people give up and settle, carry on going and be better than them.
  • Do What You Say
    If people can rely on you and they know that when you say something that you will do it, you are well on your way to being remarkable. If you make a promise, keep it.
  • Don’t Aim To Be Remarkable
    As contradictory as it sounds, most remarkable people never set out to be remarkable. They did what they loved and were really passionate and that is what got them to being remarkable.
  • Gimmicks Fade
    What’s fashionable soon becomes unfashionable. While you might be remarkable for a time, if you don’t reinvest and reinvent, you won’t be for long. Instead of resting on your laurels, you must commit to being remarkable again quite soon.

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Style: Fashion at Jun E Caniel boutique fills ecofriendly niche

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By Mike McCray
Staff writer

Jun E Caniel Owners Jay and Tiya Caniel didn’t expect to own a store so soon.Since June 2010, the couple has sold an eco-friendly line of dresses, T-shirts and hoodies, along with smaller accessories and body products. They sold the clothing at assorted retail stores and wherever they could. When they envisioned opening a freestanding store, they wrote 2015 on a vision board as their goal. But last fall, Jay noticed a space tucked behind Zorba’s restaurant on Raeford Road and knew it was the one. He called his wife, who was in Savannah, Ga., at the time, to tell her the news.

Since opening in February, the first-time business owners said the process of opening Jun E Caniel has been a learning experience.The Caniels put sweat equity into transforming the space, which was formerly occupied by the women’s boutique Epiphany. Handpainting the walls and redoing floors, they’ve made the boutique consistent with their own eco-friendly and sustainable sensibilities. The Caniels won’t bend on their sustainable mission for cost-cutting measures, either. They use premium organic and eco-friendly fabric for their shirts and hoodies. Even the wallets are fair trade products from India, with attached explanations on the people who made them and where they’re from.”There’s a certain consciousness that our customers have,” said Tiya, who is 30. “An awareness that goes beyond just liking how a design looks. They can appreciate the whole environment of the store, and they can appreciate our message.”

www.jcaniel.com The pair have been together for 14 years, since they were freshmen at Winston-Salem State University. They got married seven years ago.They movedwww.jcaniel.com to Fayetteville in 2008 when Jay was hired as an assistant men’s basketball coach at Fayetteville State University. After two years at the university, he moved on to focus on Jun E Caniel.”The word Jun E means greatness; that’s what we created it to mean,” says Jay, who is 31, of the store’s name and mantra.For some, the spontaneous decision to chase a dream earlier than expected would be jarring, but it has become routine for the Caniels. The couple was living in Green Cove Springs, Fla., when Jay, teaching and coaching at a local school, convinced Tiya, working as a juvenile probation officer at the time, to get married during their lunch break one day.

Tiya balances out Jay’s energy with more practical ideas, but the couple’s shared vision is on display in the space. The natural light and bright colors awaken what could feel like cramped space. “I come up with the whole puzzle, and she is very great at getting to the puzzle piece by piece,” Jay said.”We operate in our strengths,” Tiya said. They hope their brand helps people “find their ideal self.” They hope to build a sense of community from within the store that extends into the local artist community, whether it’s through displaying and selling local art or eventually selling locally created products.

The clothes themselves feel vibrant, even when they’re not in bright colors. Many of the designs created by Tiya have a tropical vibe that meshes well with Jay’s roots in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he was born. The boutique was recently approved to sell Toms shoes, a brand whose philanthropic mission provides a pair of shoes for a needy child somewhere in the world for every pair sold. Toms is usually selective in the stores that carry it and evaluates each store to ensure the missions of both entities are in sync.

www.jcaniel.comThe couple hopes to add athletic wear for yoga and basketball in the future. As far as new designs, they expect to incorporate a lot more color and abstract designs.”We loved the cute designs, but we want people to dig inside,” Jay says. “It’s really about people discovering the gold that’s inside them. We want to build a community of greatness.”Want more?

Jun E Caniel is at 1009 Marlborough Road in Fayetteville. Go to jcaniel.com or call 920-3051.

Twitter: @junecaniel, @JayCaniel, @Tcaniel


Tumblr: http://jcaniel.tumblr.com/


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