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One Plan…

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Jay Caniel I never understood why people give themselves options. We are all put on Earth for something big, graphic and extremely distinct. When you know yourself and yourJun E Rules purpose there are no options other than that for you are purposed. That is it! Every waking and sleeping moment is then spent trying to find ways to hit the target. You see, most have not found that, and they in turn walk around saying they have plenty of options, which sounds good, but it’s a bunch of bullshit honestly.

Who cares about nice opportunities with great pay if you’re going to be miserable or spending lots of time doing something you are not designed to do?  But I guess settling for a paycheck is society’s way of coping with mediocrity and avoiding the chance that something magnificent could actually reside within…

Our advice: Don’t have a Plan B.  Having a fallback plan means accepting beforehand that your plan will fail. Having a Plan B is telling the universe that the failure of your plan is a solid possibility. Don’t do that! Always stick with your first plan! Be Jun E! See you at the top!

Jun E! Life without OBSTACLES

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What if the word “obstacle” did not exist in our language? How would that alter your life? I wonder if you would be in the same job? Would you live in the same state or country? Would you hang around the same people? Who would you be if obstacles did not exist? What dreams and goals would you have accomplished if there were no such thing as obstacles? Would you be afraid to live the life of your dreams?

To the average person an obstacle is defined as something that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.  In Jun E Land, obstacles only exist on an actual obstacle course.  They are used as a means to help people get in better physical shape.  We do not use the word “obstacle” to describe the inevitable complications that come up in life.  They are merely problems to be solved and worked through along the road to our bliss.

So much is put in place to make us believe in such poppy cock as obstacles.   It’s almost like people pay others to plant these seeds in the minds of the masses to keep people afraid and unable to work through problems.  The key is to change your vocabulary, which will result in changing your mindset.  Words are not powerful! We are powerful! And we are powerful enough to give words meaning by believing in them.  When was the last time a word came up to you and corrected you? Not happening…YOU put words in their place.  Make them yield to you.  Delete and add words from your vocabulary at will, and give them the meaning you want them to have.

It’s your life and after last time we checked you are not promised a second. Do not let a little thing like a word stop you from living life to its fullest.  Live and create the life you want.  An “obstacle” can only hinder you or stop your progress if you allow it.  Bottom line: An obstacle only exists in your mind.  It only stops you if that is what you believe it will do.

Don’t let anyone or anything dictate who you are and what you do. So what exactly is an obstacle to you?  Be Jun E! Be Great!  See you at the Top (if you allow yourself to make it that far)!

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