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F.A.M.E Art and Fashion Show

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FAME stands for Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment and is an explosion of creative artistic energy. Our purpose is to foster art and culture throughout the world. Here are some pictures and film from the Jun E weekend! Thank you to all who came out and supported the Arts!!!!!!!!!

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Styled By Jun E Caniel

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Wait, Is It Spring ?

-Yes, It is!!!!!

photo (7)

My body is finally at the point of not fitting into any, and when I say ANY  I mean NONE of my old clothes.  I tried on a couple of Jun E Caniel t-shirts and NOPE, none would cover my baby bump! Happily, I’ve accepted the fact that my body is going through different changes…..and sizes.

Despite this, I can still show my fellow Jun E followers how to style the clothes within the boutique until I get bigger clothes…lol

Coral and Kelly Green are the two colors I’ve been seeing in the fashion world as the new colors for Spring. Here, I match two shirts in both colors with dark denim jeans. Now, I don’t know about anywhere else but here in NC, the cold weather hasn’t really broken yet. So, a nice neutral color cardigan will do you and your outfit some justice. Plus, who doesn’t like layering outfits?!!!

photo (8)

The accessories I’ve chosen are all bought at my part-time job ALDO. I figured the yellow scarf can compliment both the Coral and Kelly Green Tees.

For those who love Spring and the mixture of colors you can wear, you can accessorize with the triangle earrings, either one of the three will match with whatever t-shirt you chose to wear. I’ve also included possibilities for nail polish colors I think will add more detail and pop to your simple Jun E outfit.

Now, for the females who aren’t into being so colorful, once you layer both the scarf and cardigan, you can tone the outfit down just a little w/ the brown cheetah print sunglasses and the brown bangles.


-AjStyles =)

Styled By Jun E: Friday January 25, 2013

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Hello, Jun E people!

This is Elviria W. coming to you from Jun E Caniel

Being a lover of fashion ever since I was little, I was very excited to start interning for Jun E Caniel.

I remember the first time I fell in love with fashion. I was no older than at least five years old, living in North Philly, PA

My aunt would always come and visit me and my mom. She would come so often you would of thought she lived with us! LOL One night she walked in the house wearing a brown fur coat and

I just remember saying to her “oh Auntie I want a fur coat JUST LIKE YOURS! Can you buy me one? Please, Please, Please.”

Her and my mother laughed at me and she  responded “You want a fur coat like mines?”

“Yesssss” I whined Everything she wore I wanted & being that my aunt lived in the Bronx, NY she was on in what was HOT. I wanted to dress just like my Auntie.

She then went into her suitcase and pulled out this brown fur coat just like hers but it was just for ME!!! I was so happy. She bought the majority of my clothes, LOL and I loved her for that. For about a month I wore the same coat either when I would go to school or just to walk around the house. My mom would call me a DIVA and ask for a fashion show every now and then, just to sit and be my audience. At the time I was just expressing myself and being who I truly was.  Now that I’m older, I realized I’ve lost that little girl. She’s back now and her name is AJ (Autumn June) and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Autumn June has been UNLEASHED! So I look forward to allowing you all into my world of where FASHION meets STREETWEAR!

-Elviria W.

The brisk winds of winter have brought about the perceived need for us to pack away our summer favorites and bring out our thick cardigan and sweaters.

But who says every outfit or piece of clothing has a season???? NOBODY!!! Here I have styled a black eco-friendly cardigan with a summer kelly green burnout tank top with a few original pieces.

  Despite the cold weather we’ve been having a lot of sunshine lately, and this kelly green looked FRESH in the sunlight!


The boldness of the black cardigan paired with vibrant green tank gave my winter outfit some fun.  To give this outfit a more casual look I paired up my own medium wash jeans from PacSun with a locally made t-shirt scarf (that can be worn as different accessories).

While playing around with the t-shirt scarf I realized one can rock it as a headpiece! I LOVED THE LOOK! It’s so different and has a  JUN E Style. Later I moved the scarf to my neckline and it still looked amazing.   The choice of how to rock the t-shirt scarf varies with one’s personal style.



Get this look:

Cardigan available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

kelly green burnout tank available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

t-shirt scarf  available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

 Belt was a thrift store find

Boots were bought at ALDO


Fashion Friday @Jun E Caniel Boutique 11/16/12

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“Legend”  aka Tiya Caniel refashions a Men’s crew neck t-shirt into a Women’s Cowl neck t-shirt


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