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All this time the power was inside…
Fix your mind on greatness
And the universe will comply….
~Jay Caniel 

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Jun E Smile!

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Jun E Smile I’m smiling… I’m sure we all have lots to smile about. They say that a smile is contagious, so I hope you are grinning from ear to ear at this moment.

Today I travel back into time and find all of the great reasons to smile. I find that even when you’re not happy, if you smile long enough you have no choice but to evoke joy. Hmmm.. That might be a great life principle!  I smile glancing back at those who wanted to see our destruction and I wonder why they wanted that? But still I smile…I smile even though through this journey I have lost “family and friends”. Well, let’s just say they dismissed themselves from the journey.  I guess the ride to self discovery, living to improve humanity, and living with a purpose is a turn off to robots.

I guess when you are beaten and penalized for being independent, or truly self reliant,Jun E Cat Smile then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with self reliance, and a fear of true independence.. Hence the reason people do things they don’t like, or go through life faking happiness… Still with a smile on my face I forgive you all for your destructive thoughts. You see, your thoughts are only destructive to your kind!

 I smile because this smile is stronger than your frown… This smile will be replicated over and over until it wipes out evil… This smile will start a revolution of happiness, Jun E Smile progress, and prosperity! This smile allows us to move pass your ignorance… Who knows how far this smile will go? This smile may help end hunger, and poverty for all… Who knows? But I do know there’s been a collection of your smiles that has kept us going.. So when you’re feeling down… Don’t forget to give someone a smile… You never know how bad they might need it. Today, we smile because it makes sense…


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Let us not forget the power of our words, not only when conversing with ourselves but also when speaking to others.  Be mindful of your words and the tone with which you speak them.  In this time where “keeping it real” is the cool thing to do and an effective way to gain respect, do not use this as an excuse to say whatever you want to whomever you want.  Keeping it real does not mean being rude or disrespectful.  Do not forget the Golden Rule, for some of you can easily dish it, but have a lot of trouble taking it. Image

It is possible to keep it real and stay true without verbally abusing others.  Everything we say is energy and it cannot be taken back.  Be thoughtful in your actions as well as your speech, and be sure you are emitting the kind of energy you would like reciprocated.  There can be life in your words!  People can be embraced and empowered by your words.  Keep it positive and keep it Jun E!!! Image

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