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Jun E Life Begins It’s amazing the things that flash before your eyes during a quick conversation with Death… It’s amazing who shows up to defend your position..  As he talked my brain evoked random thoughts  of Ricky, Imagine, Jun E Caniel, Legend, Nazir and the People….   Out of nowhere came Purpose, and Legacy… I must admit this was my first time seeing Death cower… He backed down and transformed into life..   I didn’t think purpose would have that effect on him.  All of a sudden phrases like  “abundance is on the other side poverty”, or “every disappointment is for a good”, or even the notion that you “fail before you succeed” became real to me. “Calm, cool, and collected” used to be a phrase, but to see this cool demeanor in effect when faced with fatality is an amazing feat…

For the first time in my life I’m living!!!  I feel every pulse, every heart beat, every thought, etc…  All we work for can be taken within a blink of an eye… Well depends on what your working for. It’s so interesting how closely related life and death are… For those of you who live in the middle… *Shrug*… Don’t expect much!

I challenge all to unleash your Lion within.. We all have greatness inside. Find your music! Play it! Play it loud without apology.. Time is your most valuable asset in life. Live it well and do something amazing. That is what we are all designed to do. For now my heart continues to beat, my mind although bruised from the windshield has gotten stronger… These hands are prepared to serve while my legs decide it will be the primary vehicle of this revolution…  We love you all! Keep Living! Jun E!


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Let us not forget the power of our words, not only when conversing with ourselves but also when speaking to others.  Be mindful of your words and the tone with which you speak them.  In this time where “keeping it real” is the cool thing to do and an effective way to gain respect, do not use this as an excuse to say whatever you want to whomever you want.  Keeping it real does not mean being rude or disrespectful.  Do not forget the Golden Rule, for some of you can easily dish it, but have a lot of trouble taking it. Image

It is possible to keep it real and stay true without verbally abusing others.  Everything we say is energy and it cannot be taken back.  Be thoughtful in your actions as well as your speech, and be sure you are emitting the kind of energy you would like reciprocated.  There can be life in your words!  People can be embraced and empowered by your words.  Keep it positive and keep it Jun E!!! Image

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