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Back to Good

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I always wondered if time machines are real… Lately I felt like I have been kidnapped and taken back in time. lol.. I must admit that I do make a conscious effort to stay between the ages of 4-6. I love to watch kids at the age because everything is so new to them each day. Nothing ever gets old, and every encounter is given maximum attention. There just so happy to be living, jumping, crawling, and talking. I remember as a kid not having bubble bath, but www.jcaniel.comyou could not tell me anything! I create my own bubbles from soap, and those G I Joe’s we couldn’t afford, for some strange reason cobra commander was right there with me. Now forgive me, I must confess that I’m a convicted dreamer and have been for a long time. On most days I walk around with a pair of invisible head phones on creating and basking in my own Jun E Land. It’s fun you should try it.


Jun E Caniel T-Shirt of the day 05/23/12

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Jun E Caniel


Jun E Caniel Look of the Day

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Jun E Caniel Skater Tee ($30)



Jun E Caniel: Look of the day 04/18/12

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Join Us



Jun E Caniel T-Shirt of the Day: March 22, 2012

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“To challenge all to unleash the LION within themselves by realizing their own greatness and power, becoming social activist as well as freely expressing their thoughts and talents. We encourage intellectual and artistic freedom as well as social responsibility!”
Jun E Caniel Mission

Jun E Caniel Africa UniteTee

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