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Legend Refashions a Men’s Crew Neck T-shirt

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Hijacked in San Francisco

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It seems like every city the Jun E Caniel team visits, we get hijacked. Coming to San Francisco to spread the brand proves to be no different.  After a long, successful day at the Green Festival we started to walk back to our hotel. This walk in itself was interesting with darkness settling in the city and the emergence of very off-beat characters.  In front of us was an older woman who we assumed was also walking back from the Green Festival.  At some point while walking, we passed her, but she was never far behind us.

We could hear her loud sneezes as we walk, and we would look back and say “Bless you”.  There was a string of off-beat characters moon walking, skipping, and talking to themselves on every block and we both would look back and check on the woman. Finally, at a crosswalk as we observed a young man skipping and dancing in the street as he almost got hit by a car.  None of this seemed to phase the man and he continued on his way as the three of us began to talk to one another about what had just happened.  We asked the woman what there was to do in the area and before we knew it, we were following her up Market Street.

Jay Caniel, Tiya Caniel, and Rose This offer of a walking tour of San Francisco at night was one we couldn’t resist. As we walked toward, Rose commentated every moment of the way.  “Here is our city hall it is so beautiful, and you must come back during the day to see it.  But look how beautiful it is all lit up now!”  Next was the old mint where they used to make money before the earthquake and fire of 1906.  Her excitement was intoxicating and contagious.  Walking by an ad on a building, Rose pointed and laughed at a picture of a woman’s feet and said “How’d you like to tickle those toes?”  Laughingly she apologized for her silliness.  She is a retired kindergarten teacher and can’t help it.

We ventured a ways to Westfield Mall, which is unbelievably huge and has the most beautiful dome ceiling.  Rose shared with us the history of the building and some of the stores there.  After leaving the mall, Rose excitedly brought us to a record shop called Rasputin Music, where grungy looking young men checked your bags at the front and operated the elevator inside.  Side note:  Whenever you enter the elevator, the guy operating it will be playing only his favorite tunes, which most will likely never have heard before.  Beside this amazing record shop is Blondie’s where you can get pizza by the slice.   We entered  hotels where presidents have stayed and we relished in perusing the pictures and memorabilia from long ago.  Our last stops included John’s Grill & Steakhouse (to see the maltese falcon from the 1941 movie “The Maltese Falcon”) and the park at Union Square.

What an amazing time!  At the end, we were very tired but it was well worth our time to have met and conversed with such a beautiful person as Rose.   We  are nothing but mirrors, reflecting what we have inside on others. Rose took the time out to make sure that we were educated on her city. You could feel the love, prosperity, and happiness that she possessed in her life.  We will always remember Rose and her Jun E love for her city.  She had us whirling through the streets of downtown San Francisco till we were breathless but still wanting more.  Thank you, Rose for sharing what you love most about this amazing place!  What a blessing you are!


A Jun E Revolt!

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www.jcaniel.com It is so easy to feel bogged down by the daily happenings of a seemingly purposeless existence.  It’s so easy to succumb to a “woe is me” attitude and eventually conform to the miserable normalcy of being mediocre and satisfied with the status quo. What a chore it is, sometimes, to overcome the oppression of contentment and comfort to rebel against the norm! It is necessary to do so however.  You see, we never know who is watching us and looking at us for an example on how to act.  We never know how we influence others.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, frustration, and overall negativity we should focus on the positive.  Squeeze everything you can out of every experience, and work  to make a positive impact in others’ lives.  I know it gets hard sometimes and it’s far easier to surrender, but the sweet triumph of rebelling against the norm can be so much sweeter!  If you are not happy, change your life.  Create something wonderful and delicious!  Make it worth while!  Or acknowledge that so far it has already been worth while.  Reach inside and start using your Jun E!

Jun E Quote of the Day

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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!.” -Bob Marley



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