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To the Universe…

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To the Universe!
I want you to listen…
Listen to my sighs
To the power of the tears from my eyes
The dreams projected in my mind…
The people in my heart all the time
Listen to the strength of my stare
The resilance of my feet as they walk on in life
My back as the loads are carried to each line…Jay Caniel

To to the exchange between the trees and my lungs…
Sounds like freedom in each inhale and exhale followed by a smile…
I’m thankful to be alive…
To the universe thanks for lending an ear to the thoughts of little brown eyes ..
~Jay Caniel


In Culture, Daily Inspiration on May 1, 2014 at 4:07 pm


The Caniels in Puerto Rico

The Caniels in Puerto Rico

Rooting my self in the earth… Centering my mind, making sure my kind will live on… Getting hit by the wind, it produce a slight grin… The Sun kisses my face, which lights up this place… Ahhhh this must be it… Thanks and praises to the Most High…. Namaste
(Excerpt from Jun E Musings)

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