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Embrace the Struggle……

In Business, Culture, Daily Inspiration, Motivational Speaking on July 27, 2012 at 4:10 pm

www.jcaniel.comA wise man once said, without struggle their is no progress.  Anything worth dreaming or achieving is worth the blood sweat and tears required. Make no mistake their is a price! Greatness takes time to manifest, but don’t discount those quiet hours, where no one seem to be around. It’s at those times your energy is at work in the universe. Don’t be afraid to put your dreams out for the universe to capture. Then begin walking to it. No matter how small the steps, keep on walking! We have encountered many struggles in our lives personally, and building a www.jcaniel.combusiness. The hardest part was finding people who could listen and understand our frustration. Those people are few and far between, however you can always count on yourself and look up to the creator. Remember when taking the road less traveled, the only one promised to be with you at the end is you.  If your at a place of struggle, just remember greatness follows. We love you! Keep walking! Jun E!  http://www.jcaniel.com

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