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Jun E Musing

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Started with nose bleed seats
Sitting at the edge… Still couldn’t see…
Dreamed because I didn’t like my scene
Directors couldn’t clearly depict me
So I became the director of my dreams
Orchestrated a ‪#‎BC‬ team…
Making this a shit like a hit movie reel
Paid the price to be free…
Front row living the dream…

Jay Caniel

Just a thought

In Daily Inspiration on April 23, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Jun E ThoughtThat feeling… That feeling when you got permission to go outside… That feeling of meeting love for the first time… Or maybe you stayed up on the phone all night…That feeling of watching a beautiful sunset. Or maybe you got some well needed rest… Being told your beautiful for the first time… Or maybe the feeling when you hear your favorite rhyme… The effects of your smile… Or maybe the taste of your favorite glass of wine… Thats wealth.

Jun E Caniel Sustainable Fashion

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Style is an expression of individualism 

Jun E Caniel

 Jun E Caniel Sustainable Fashion

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