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The Caniels in Puerto Rico

The Caniels in Puerto Rico

Rooting my self in the earth… Centering my mind, making sure my kind will live on… Getting hit by the wind, it produce a slight grin… The Sun kisses my face, which lights up this place… Ahhhh this must be it… Thanks and praises to the Most High…. Namaste
(Excerpt from Jun E Musings)


In Thoughts on May 1, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Jun E Caniel Thankful for the island sunrise and my beautiful mind… Thankful for that cab ride my mom took 30 something years ago today, giving birth to her last… They say save the best for last… Thankful for missed shots, being kidnapped, turning negative words into my bitch on the spot…
Gaining inspiration from the eyes of the under dogs… Putting them on my back ’cause there is no other way… This little light of mine… I told Lesroy and the most high I would let it shine…sitting on the dock watching the tide role in. As I shed a tear… Man I’m just thankful to be here… One day… One day hoping I live… Knowing I’ll live long enough to see greatness rise and replicate over and over and over again….today is a Jun E day…Lets change the world!!!!!

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